​​​​Timpac Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


Q-Switched Nd:YAG Dual Wavelength1064 nm & 532 nm

Defining a New Standard in Medical & Aesthetic Treatment

• Pigmented Lesions   •  Fungal Nails  •  Tattoos  •  Lentigines

The Q-Clear™ Laser System is a revolution in size, simplicity, and price – all while providing the performance expected only from much more costly, but less versatile, large-box systems.

The Q-Clear™ Laser System s elegant design, variable spot sizes and pulse energies, and its dual output wavelengths permit effective, consistent treatment of more than 20 FDA approved indications.

The Ergonomic Handpiece affords precise control, while the Direct-Coupled Resonator technology provides a consistent beam for consistent treatment.

For many procedures good efficacy demands high fluence, ample spot size, and precise control. The Q-Clear™’ ‘s advanced laser physics and efficient, state-of-the-art design provides this and more. It provides the speed, comfort, and value your business and your sanity require. Try it just once and see if you agree that: Nothing Else Comes Close!

​Q-Clear™ the Laser System is proven to be the best laser for treating patients with fungal nails . Mild cases will typically respond to a single treatment, moderate to severe cases may need debridement and more that one treatment. The treatment is painless and takes less than a
minute per nail.

Technical specification